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Have you noticed a strange sound after ending a phone call and the caller has hung up? Perhaps your vehicle is picking up ‘static’ when you’ve got the radio turned on or perhaps your furniture looks to have moved, a plant or gift was sent as a thank-you from a contact you don’t remember, something looks out of place or a suspicious workman came to your home or business recently? These suspicious factors could mean that your home, office or vehicle has been bugged and the reason that you can’t see anything obvious is because there are literally thousands of places these devices could be hidden, even inside a light bulb!
But who would want to spy on you? In our experience as professional bug sweepers in Sale we find that people who are spied on are being spied on by disgruntled ex-partners or employees, competitors, terrorists, the media, radical groups and foreign threats. We work as a professional and discreet bug sweeping company in Sale giving our clients ultimate assurance in their homes, businesses and vehicles – we have many years experience in bug sweeping meaning that our bug sweeping specialists will quickly and efficiently rid your home, office or vehicle of any bugs.

Who's Listening to You?

Our clients choose to work with the bug sweeping experts here at Private Investigator Sale because we offer realistic pricing and terms, our highly skilled bug sweeping operatives can be available at short notice and have advanced awareness of all new threats to security and confidence. Our bug sweeping specialists in Sale are also available to work during the day or night both covertly and overtly and will provide you with a full security report after the bug sweeping in Sale has been completed. Here at Private Investigator Sale we have some of the best bug sweeping consultants in the UK that have been known to find hidden electronic bugs in homes, offices and vehicles of all sizes for a wide range of clients. If you feel your conversations either personally or through business are being listened to or recorded then why not give our bug sweeping experts in Sale a call, or drop us an email if you would prefer. We will be more than happy to offer our bug sweeping services across Sale to private and commercial clients to help put their minds at rest and stop their private information being listened to by others.

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