Employee Investigations

Do You Suspect Your Employees of Falsifying sickness or ill-health?

Employees on long term or frequent 'sick leave' cost companies hundreds of thousands of pounds - get the evidence to throw out their bogus claims.

If you think an employee isn’t where they claim to be or doing what they say they are doing, perhaps you think they may be moonlighting or even working secretly for a competitor or if you have had a spate of thefts in your business or you feel an employee has made a false injury claim against you or is taking extra time off then you will want to call in our expert private investigators in Sale to complete some employee investigations on your behalf; in a discreet and confidential way so your employees never need know! As experienced and highly skilled employee investigation detectives we undertake a wide range of employee investigations; all completed with the upmost privacy and professionalism. If you feel that something just isn’t quite right in your business then give our experienced employee investigation experts a call.

Moonlighting Employee Investigations in Sale

When you have employees working on the road it can sometimes be hard to track where they are and what they are doing but we have come across cases when salespeople are being paid by their employer for a day’s work, but actually spend a few hours of that day working for another company and doing another job! If you have a feeling your employee is working elsewhere while employed by you or working another job while claiming to be off sick from work then why not get our private investigators to complete an employee investigation on your behalf.

False Sick Leave Employee Investigations in Sale

We very often meet very caring employers who feel that an employee has been on sick leave for a pro-longed amount of time due to sickness or injury, or sometimes they are taking lots of time off sick on certain days each week. Our employee investigations team are then called in to track the employees and find out why they are really off work and we then provide the employer with the vital information they need if they want to take disciplinary action.

False Compensation Claim Employee Investigations in Sale

If any employee has made a compensation claim against your company that you think may be a false claim or that they are not as injured as they claim then let us know. Our private investigators in Sale very often come across employees that make false compensation claims in the hope of a large pay out from a no win - no fee solicitor. We can collect the evidence you need to show that an employee has made a false compensation claim.

Theft in the Workplace Employee Investigations in Sale

Have you noticed more and more employees complaining that their personal items have been going missing from the workplace or perhaps stock-takes don’t match up and company products and tools seem to have gone missing? We can complete an employee investigation in Sale by having a undercover investigator work in your business, keeping their ear to the ground to see how the thefts are taking place and which employees are involved. You will then be given legal evidence that you can use again the thieving employees.

Vehicle Tracking in Sale

Have you noticed that employees are taking longer to complete a job out of the office than you expected or maybe there seems to be extra mileage on the company vehicles? In cases like this we offer vehicle tracking as part of employee investigations in Sale allowing you to check where your employees vehicle is every 10 minutes, within 5 metres of where the vehicle is so you can check your employees are actually doing what they claim they are doing – and the best part, they never need to know their vehicle was being tracked.

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