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Hello and Welcome to Private Investigator Sale; We are one of the most professional, trustworthy and cost-effective private investigators in Manchester, helping clients in Sale and surrounding areas uncover the truth and get rid of that niggling feeling that something is ‘just not right’. The best thing about using a local detective in Sale is that we are local; we won’t charge extortionate fees for travel as we are based in Sale. We know the local area, where to go and who to speak to meaning we can often resolve private investigation cases in Sale much quicker than other private investigators that are not based in the local area. We are a professional group of private investigators; everything we do is done legally, we will always deliver the best results we can and will keep our clients in the picture every step of the investigation providing proof and evidence that can be used in a court of law if so required.

"Purveyors of Fact"

Why Hire Us?

Our private investigators have worked for both corporate and private clients and we can provide you with testimonials from these clients; our business grows through word of mouth, repeat business and recommendations because our clients know that they are in safe hands when they arrange for a private investigation in Sale with our team. We have a clear and simple pricing structure and there are no hidden fees; in some missing person cases we will offer a ‘No find – No fee’ because we are so confident in the abilities of our private investigators. There are never any hidden fees when you become our client and we work hard to create an open, honest and trusting relationship with each and every one of our clients. We understand many of our clients don’t want to be in this situation when they can’t trust someone so we try and make the process as stress free as possible. If you would like to speak to us about a concern you have or you would like to employ the services of our private investigators in Sale please contact us directly; we would be only too happy to help you put your mind at rest and put that niggling feeling to bed.

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Professional Private Investigators

Private Investigator Sale will never sub-contract work out, we will conduct 100% of the investigation from start to finish - unlike other companies in Sale
  • How much of the investigation do we conduct100%

Client Satisfaction

Our clients have reviewed our company time and time again giving us '5 Star Excellent' reviews every time
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction100%


Looking for someone?

At Private Investigator Sale we have a 98% success rate of finding people in the Uk, run aways, debtors, lost family and friends we can find the person you are looking for within 3 days.


Cheating Partner?

95% of investigations taken by Private Investigator Sale end in the client being right about their suspicions

Frequently Asked Questions

1How much is it to hire a Private Investigator?
We understand that every investigation is different however unlike other companies we do not hide our fees, go to the Rates page for a comprehensive list of our fee structure.
2Will anyone find out about the investigation?
No, you will deal with the investigation manager of our company only, unlike other companies who get third party companies involved your information and investigation is entirely between you and us. - We conduct investigations to a very high standard so that subject of the enquiry will never know, unless of course you decide to tell them.
3How fast can you start an investigation?
All I would say is to try and give us as much notice as possible, we do however attend to every clients requirements as and when they need and can at some instances deploy at a moments notice. - Note payment is required before any work is carried out.
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