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If you are looking for vehicle tracking experts in Sale then you have come to the right place; the private investigators here at Private Investigator Sale are highly experienced and extremely skilled in tracking vehicles in Sale for personal and corporate reasons; they are also completely discreet so the driver of the vehicle will never know they are being tracked – unless you choose to tell them.

Personal Vehicle Tracking in Sale

Has your partner suddenly started working a lot later recently, perhaps he or she is always stuck in traffic and back home later than usual or maybe their ‘mother’ has suddenly started calling for them to visit during the night? If you are worried that you have a cheating partner or your partner is not where you think they are then why not arrange for their vehicle to be tracked so you can see exactly where they are any time of the day or night.

Corporate Vehicle Tracking in Sale

Do you have employees that seem to take long amounts of time arriving with clients, perhaps lorry drivers have high mileage than their colleagues or maybe you aren’t sure if your sales team really are going to the meetings they claim? Whatever your reason for concern we can offer a vehicle tracking service in Sale to help you uncover where your employee and the vehicle really is so you can know if they are stuck in traffic, if they are working for another firm, or if they just go home after clocking in at work with you!

Vehicle Tracking in Sale

Our vehicle tracking service in Sale is completed by highly skilled, professional and dedicated private detectives who are utterly discreet; offering our clients full confidentiality that the tracked vehicle driver will never know they’re being tracked. We can efficiently, secretly and simply install a cutting edge tracking device with GPS onto the vehicle you want tracked and we can track it every 10 seconds to within 5 metres of where the vehicle is so you can see exactly where your partner or employee is; whether that is where they claim to be or not! You will then be provided with high quality and legal evidence and proof that can be used in a court of law, in a disciplinary or during your divorce settlement. If you think that someone isn’t where they claim to be then why not contact our vehicle tracking specialists in Sale to help put your mind at rest and uncover what is really going on?

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